Dec 5th Angels and Stars Light the Town and Coleford Shines

The Coleford Lantern Festival took to the streets and flooded the town with stars and angels the fruits of  several days of making in local schools, the library and  at home. It was an experience that brought a common joy to the hundreds of people of all ages who came along…

Mayor Paul Kay talked about the challenge of putting the event on this year with 6 weeks notice but asked everyone to share the achievement of what had been created by Coleford Town Council and local support. From decorated shop windows, Live music, the Christmas Market  and the artists working with the children  to create the lanterns, all building toward keeping the Town alive.

You can watch  local film- maker Shirley  Edwards  record of the event on

St Johns Lanterns

St Johns Lanterns

Clearwell and Coleford Library join the parade

Clearwell School and Coleford Library join the parade

Coalway Junior School take flight over the town

Coalway Junior School take flight over the town

Coleford st Johns School

Angel spotted in town centre from Coleford st Johns School


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