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An Oral history of ‘The Marshes’…what is your memory? – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

An Oral history of ‘The Marshes’…what is your memory?

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Very close to the centre of Coleford and on the very edge of the towns conservation area lies  ‘The Marshes’

‘We used to see 5 swallows each year..they would gather mud from the stream to make their nests’

A market garden, a market place, site of cricket matches, proposed site for a supermarket, more recently neglected what is your story about the Marshes ?

As part of Coleford Festival of Words 2017 a project to remember, reflect and imagine- the photograph above is a view of what the site could be, a garden in the Town Centre, a tourist accommodation?- you are invited to contribute memories, stories, points of view…contact