An Incomplete History of Broadwell- Open to all- Noon Sunday 22nd May


Broadwell_Juniors_1947         memorial_hall_2015 restored                                                             Broadwell_Church_Choir

Broadwell Juniors 1949 -part of  History of Broadwell AFC                   Broadwell Memorial Hall  restored                           Good Shepherd Church Choir- outside the Evergreen?

Which shopkeeper kept geese?, What date did Broadwell Lane End School close? When did Broadwell become part of Coleford Town Parish?

A project to collect stories, share memories and talk about all things Broadwell begins with an open to all at the Evergreen Hall on Sunday 22nd May at noon

There will be a series of sessions over following weeks leading up to an exhibition about Broadwell and celebration of 125th year of the Evergreen Hall on Sunday 10th July

If you want to help, suggest and be involved please get in touch  or use contact on home page..

The 2016 Coleford Festival of Words will include a programme of activity including a Broadwell diary day on friday 1st July

This project is led by SOUNDWORK Community Project and is supported by Coleford Library, Coleford Town Council,The Main Place, Evergreen Action Group and is part of the Forester Forest.


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