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ADDING WORDS TO A WALK Saturday 16th April 10am – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

ADDING WORDS TO A WALK Saturday 16th April 10am

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Making a Storywalk based in Coleford – Sat 16th April 10am Coleford Library all welcome

We shall be walking and talking to create a walk fro the Wye Valley River Festival which visits Coleford On Thursday 12th May

Tracing the brooks-

looking for things to make each walk different…..

The imprint of the Wye Valley Railway sets itself across the town

1000 trees upon a hill what shadows will they throw across the field?

“grow, grow high and bring us autumns

bring us blossoms,bring us calm”

Coleford Town Centre -walking

all welcome- more info Wye Valley River Festival 2016