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A full Owl’s Nest at Le Petit Hibou on Wednesday night – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

A full Owl’s Nest at Le Petit Hibou on Wednesday night

 – if any more had attempted to fly in they would’ve been pushed out!

The event featured plentiful and varied local talent, including accordion and cello music, poets, artists talking about their work and the forthcoming Open Studios, . Also there were some striking short films about the Forest and a sound-piece on St Anthony’s Well. The evening culminated with further poems and a traditional story, ‘The Woodcutter’s Tale’, especially adapted to the event. This was grippingly told and enacted by our guest, professional storyteller Carol Florence Graham of Story Space, from Herefordshire

More still to come with the Festival – check out tonight’s Aye Coyote with Tim Dalling or Newnham Library for a relaxing drink – and some readings!