Stowe Hill Quarry Clearwell-‘its the land beneath our feet’

Stowe Hill Quarry Clearwell.

Newland Parish council call public meeting tuesday 20th January 7pm Clearwell village hall. You can contact them

New petition now live-‘its the land beneath our feet’

Brian Jones
Clearwell, United Kingdom

15 Jan 2015 — The road to destruction has now started. Despite the fact that the Mineral Authority have hinted that 330 acres of the proposed quarry will be removed from the plan, the application for the first 140 acres has been put in. If the operator and the Crown Estate get this permission you can bet your life, mineral plan or not, in the near future they WILL apply for this 330 acres. The best way to stop this is to stop the current application from happening. Not only that, the current application for 140 acres will evict a farmer from his home and destroy it by quarrying 30mtrs beneath it. Three farmers will lose good arable farmed land, one in particular will lose his home and his livelihood……

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